Tissue Transglutaminase Ab IgG

Gluten is the common name for 4 proteins (prolamine,glutenin, albümin and globulin) in cereals.Prolamine, one of these ia also called as gliadine. Some people are resistent to gliadine resulting with difficulty in digestion,diarrhe, weight loss, secondary anemia, swelling abdomen,enamel damage, club fingers, dwarfism, dermatitis hepatidiformis. These sympoms are the signs of Celac disease. The very earlt test used to diagnose this disease in Anti Gliadin Antibody. Additionally, another test has been defined as Anti Endomysium Antibodies defining the antibodies against the sensitive endothelium of the small intestine connective tissue. Another test called the Tissue Glutaminase antibody is a more enlightening tool for diagnosis of Celiac Disease. First antibodies to be examined is IgA antibodies whereas IgG may be tested to understand the prognosis and the severity of the disease.
Interpretation:Normally, hese antibodies should be absent in the blood . However when the test results are cosidered together, a positive Anti Gliadin Antibody points out a sensation towards glutens other than Celac disease.In this case, the presence Anti Endomysium Antibodies are significant. The most diagnostic value among the Antibody tetst for Celac diagnosis is the Tissue Glutaminase Antibody. IgA antibodies may be negative but this does not exclude the diagnosis of the disease.. The positive values of IgG is sure that the disease exists.
Sample: Arm vein blood. Nonfasting
Working day: Wednesday
Result Time: Friday 6 PM