Sperm DNA Fragmantation

Sperm DNA integrity is important in male infertility, the embryo development and transmission of the genetic material to the offspring.
Interpretation: The genetic composition in a newborn is the result of oocyte ans sperm DNA information. This is important for the embryo and fetal development. Any type of damege present in DNA of the male and female will lead to interruption of the reproductive process. Fragmanted sperm DNA is a common cause of low sperm quality. It causes low fertility rates, impaired embryo quality and preimplantation development. Any type of damage, might be because of abnormal chromatin packaging, apoptosis (natural cell death) and free oxygen radical damage of DNA. Studies have shown that, spermatozoa with abnormal DNA might fertilize the oocyte, but this may result in low quality embryo and impaired blastocyts development
Sample: Semen (Sexual abstinens for 2-7 days, no alcohol at least one day before the specimen day)
Working day: Everyday
Result Time: 3 days 6:00 PM