Osmolality is the pressure created by the concentration of dissolved particles of chemicals and minerals in the serum. The greater the concentrations of the substances dissolved in serum, the higher the osmolality is. Osmolarity is the number of solute particles per 1 L of solvent where osmolality is the number of solute particles in 1 Kg of solvent. For dilute solutions this difference in insignificant.
Interpretation: A blood osmolality test is used for the balance between water and certain chemicals in blood. It helps diagnosing the dehydration where the body looses too much fluid.If the osmolality is low, due to a low Na ion (hyponatremia) , when severe, may cause headache, dizziness, disorientation and confusion. Ultimately it can lead to coma and death.
Sample: Arm vein blood.Urine. Nonfasting
Working day: Tuesday,Friday
Result Time: Same day 6:00 PM