Oral Glucose Tolerance Test

Oral Glucose tolerance test is done to check how the body moves sugar from the blood into the tissues. The test is a definite diabetes diagnosis test. It also helps in discriminating the types of diabetes(Type I or II). Before the test a fasting blood sample is taken. After sampling, the patient is given a certain amount of glucose (varies according to the clinician’s decision). This amount is mostly 75 or 100 grams of glucose dissolved in appropriate amount of water(237 ml). After the patient drinks glucose, other blood samples in 30,60,90,120 minutes or each 60 minutes (total elepsed time 3 hours)are taken. This protocol is decided by the clinician. For pregnant patients the procedure is different. The test is needed to detect gestational diabetes. This is a 1 hour test after drinking a solution of 50 gr glucose . This test is also calles a glucose challenge test.
Interpretation: A blood glucose level between 140-199 mg/dl is considered impaired glucose tolerance or prediabetes. It will eventually be Type II diabetes. A blood glucose of 200 mg/dl or higher will indicate diabetes. For gestational diabetes diagnose, if the levels after 1 hour is higher than 190 mg/dl , the patient will be diagnosed for having gestational diabetes. A level less than 95 mg/dl will be normal.
Sample: Arm vein blood.
Working day: Everyday
Result Time: Each blood samnple after 1 hour