Iron Binding Capacity

Transferrin, the protein to which iron binds and is transported in the blood. Total iron binding capacity is an indicator of the amount of transferrin. Transferrin is considered as an indicator of transferable iron in the blood. Since iron is not normally free circulating in the blood, transferrin is in some sense an indicator of the actual amount of iron. The empty part of this molecule, outside the iron-saturated part, is called the unsaturated iron binding capacity (UIBC). This is an indicator of how much more iron transferrin can bind. Briefly, UIBC + Serum Iron: TIBC.
Interpretation:If the unsaturated iron binding capacity is high, it means that the amount of bound iron is reduced, the empty binding sites of transferrin are increased and the iron in the blood is not high enough. It also gives information about the cause of iron deficiency caused by impaired transferrin synthesis in the liver due to a liver disease when investigated with other iron metabolism parameters.
Sample: Arm venous blood. Nonfasting
Working day: Everyday
Result Time: The same day at 6 PM