Feces Culture

The feces culture is a test that detects and identifies bacteria that cause infection of the lower intestinal tract. It distinguishes the normal and pathogenic bacteria found in the gastrointestinal tract. It helps to find out the causes of gastrointestinal symptoms (gastroentheritis). Certain bacteria and fungi is called the normal flora in everyone’s Gastrointestinal tract playing important roles in digestion. Their presence also keeps a check on diseases causing bacteria.
Sometimes, the balance of the normal flora may be altered with some broad spectrum antibiotics. Inhibiting the normal growth of the flora and allow Clostridium Difficile bacteria to survive and overgrow in the Gastrointestinal tract (GIS). This leads diarrhea and abdominal pain. Contaminated food source are also sources of GIS infection.
Interpretation:If the person’s complaints stop after the wide spectrum antibiotic treatment, testing may not be ordered. But if symptoms are severe, like bloody diarrhea, mucus present in the stool, the culture result may be precious.
Sample: The stool sample should be collected in a clean sterile container and should not be contaminated with urine and water. It should be in the laboratory in at least 2 hours. For infants , it is collected with a swab of the rectum.
Working day: Everyday
Result Time: 2 days 6 :00 PM