Enterovirus IgG

Enteroviruses are single-stranded RNA viruses. They consist of 71 serotypes. Enteroviruses are named by their transmission-route through the intestine. They are transmitted from person to person through saliva, stool or any other secretions. They cause hand, foot and mouth diseases with rashes on the skin and in the oral cavity.
Interpretation:The diagnosis of enterovirus are based on IgM, IgG type antibody assays against this virus. IgM levels rise during the acute period of virus infection. Positive IgM indicates that the disease is in the early transmission period end with the synthesis of IgG type immunoglobulins onwards. Symptoms appear within 5 to 12 days after contact. There is no specific treatment. Treatments are directed to strengthen the body’s defense system where antipyretics, zinc level supporting medications are performed.
Sample: Arm venous blood. Nonfasting
Working day: Thursday
Result Time: 10 days at 6 PM