Cancer Antigen 15-38 (CA 15-3)

Ca 15-3 is a protein produced especially by breast cancer cells. It is a tumor marker. Tumor markers are substances produced by cancer cells or normal cells in response to cancer in the body. Ca 15-3 levels are high in the blood of women with breast cancer. Although it is a tumor marker, it cannot be defined as a screening test because it is non-specific. It can also be elevated in healthy people due to benign diseases such as liver diseases and hepatitis. Although associated with breast tumors, it may also be elevated in other cancers such as colon, lung, pancreatic, ovarian or prostate cancers.
Interpretation:Generally, the higher the levels in the blood, the larger the cancer in the body. If breast cancer has spread to the bones or liver, Ca 15-3 levels are even higher. If the levels drop after treatment, it means that the treatment was successful. In benign diseases, it can also decrease to normal levels after treatment. Low levels are not significant.
Sample: Venous blood from arm. Does not require hunger
Working day: Every day
Result Time: Same day 18:00