Brucella IgM

Brucella is an infectious disease usually caused by handling animals or milk products infected with the Brucella bacteria. It is a gram-negative bacteria. The bacteria infects dogs, sheep, cows, camels, goats and pigs and ocean mammals. After getting infected, the patient develops Brucellosis. Infection with brucella, stimulates antibodies against this bacteria. If not treated, fever, chills, heart and brain damage, muscle and joint pain may be the resultant complications. Rose Bengal test is a rapid slide-type agglutination test performed by stained Brucella Abortus suspension. Because of the early screening value and simplicity, it has been used by the laboratories. At this time, antibodies against Brucella are more valuable tests for the prognosis of the infection.
Interpretation:Negative Rose Bengal and absence of all types of antibodies are normal. If there is Brucella infection, a positive Rose Bengal test is diagnostic value. If the antibody test is performed, IgM antibodies are the initial sign of infection followed by IgM antibodies. Therefore, IgM antbodies show acute infection where IgG antibodies reflect the late infection phase.
Sample: Arm vein plasma. Nonfasting
Working day: Everyday
Result Time: Next day 6:00 PM