Borrelia Burgdoferi Sensu Sticto is a bacterial species of the spirochete class in the genus Borreila and causes Lyme Disease. It is a disease when a type of a tick bite passes the Borrelia bacteria to a human. Lyme disease is caused spesifically by tick bite in the genus lxodes.. People with Lyme Disease are charecterized with the skin debris. This is a kind of rash, charecterised by circles of redness with pale center. It is observable in 1-3 days after the infection. If untreated, these red circles spread all over the body and this results in joint pain, neurological disorders (because of the inflamation of the cerebral cortex. In some cases, inflamations in heart, eye, liver inflamations may also be observed.
Interpretation:The normal value is always a negative result.
Sample: Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF)
Working day: Tuesday
Result Time: Next Day 6:00