Antimitochondrial Antibody (AMA)

BUT is the autoimmune resistance that the body creates against its own cells and tissues. These antibodies are formed against the cell’s structure called mitochondria (the cell’s energy-synthesizing organ). A liver disease characterized by a cholestatic (biliary obstruction) in the AMA serum is the most valuable predictor for the diagnosis of Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC).
Interpretation:If AMA is positive, this indicates that the person has PBC disease. In rare cases, however, a person with PBC may have a low serum AMA, while it is possible that a person with AMA positive does not have PBC. This may indicate a tendency for another liver disease to develop into PBC.
Sample: Venous blood taken from the arm. Does not require fasting
Working day: Her gün
Result Time: Next Day 18:00