Anti Sm (Smith) Antibody

It is a small nuclear RNA composed of several protein autoantigens. Sm antibodies are specific for lupus erythromatosis (LE) and occur in 30% of all LE patients. Patients with ribonucleoprotein antibodies (RNP) also have Sm antibodies. Sm is one of the widely extractable antigens in this group (RNP, SS-A, SS-B). This antigen is common in connective tissue diseases (SLE, connective tissue diseases that may be due to several causes, scloderma (Systemic Sclerosis) and polymyositis/dermatomyositis).
Interpretation:A positive result of Sm antibodies leads to the diagnosis of LE disease.
Sample: Venous blood taken from the arm. It is not necessary that the patient has not eaten.
Working day: Tuesday, Friday
Result Time: 4 days later at 6 pm