(Kalp Ultrasonu)

It is an X-ray test to visualise the inside walls ot the uterus  and/or  fallopian tubes to see if there is a block preventing oocytes,  meet the sperm .

Studies have shown that in 30% of the HSG subjected cases,  the blockage in fallopian tubes are opened, thus, the infertility due to this problem has been solved .

A cylindyric catheter is used to send an opaque material through the cervix to the uterus. This opaque liquid material is seen under x-ray examination. As the opaque liquid takes the shape of the the uterus by filling into the  inner walls , it flows through the fallopian tubes. If there is a blockage it either opens this blocage by the pressure it exerts or cannot pass the blocage. All this can be visualised under x-ray and this gives an information about the treatment protocol of   female infertility.

This procedure therefore,  is a routine  diagnosis of one of  the possible reasons for female infertility.

The procedure takes approximately 5-10 minutes and a very little pain may be felt when the opaque material is passing through the fallopian tubes. This pain is very short and it is like the menstrual pain  taking only 5 minutes to relieve.

If the patient is too sensitive to pain, a very light sedation may be done by an anesthesiologist.

Mostly, the appropriate time for this test is a few days after the last mensturation.