It is Reported That 30-40% Of The Male Infertility is Related With Sperm Dna Fragmantation

First approach to investigate the male infertility has been the measurement of male reproductive hormones (FSH,LH,Prolactin, Testosterone). Other parameters are sperm count , sperm motility, progressive fast and slow motilities, normal morphology criterias have been  effective parameters related to male fertility capacity  as well. Sperm DNA Fragmantation has also found to be effective in pregnancy rates especially when considering ART(Assisted Reproductive Technique) , IUI(Intrauterine Insemination) and IVF(In Vitro Fertilisation) rates. 64% of the studies performed on infertility , suggest that pregnancy rates are  inversely related to increased Sperm DNA Fragmantation rates. Thus, high DNA fragmantation  causes pregnancies with miscarriages in assisted reproductive treatments. As a result of these studies, it is suggested that, treatments of increasing the sperm DNA integrity (modifications o lifestyle, antioxidant therapies, varicocelle operations, sperm election by micromalipulative techniques, using testicular spermatozoa) and traeatments with selected spermatozoa would improve the success in healthy pregnancy rates.

Reference: Gi Young Kim . What should be done for men with sperm DNA fragmantation? (Clin Exp Reprod Med 2018 Sep;45(3):101-109