100th Anniversary of the Republic and Health

In the 100th year of the founding of the Republic of Turkey, along with the changes and developments made in many fields, the superior breakthroughs in the health sector also attract attention. As Denge Med, we offer modern health services with the freedoms and solid infrastructure provided by the republic.

Expansion of Public Health Services:

Thanks to the investments and reforms made during this period, health services have become more accessible. In the early years of the Republic, health services were expanded through mobile health teams that traveled from village to village (“Health Policies in Turkey”, Turkish Medical Association).

Modern Hospitals and Medical Centers:

With the Republic, hospitals and medical facilities modernized. Advanced medical equipment and diagnostic methods have increased the success of treatments (“Health Transformation Program and Its Effects”, Ministry of Health).

Vaccination Programs and Epidemiological Control:

The Republican era was a period when many infectious diseases were brought under control and effective vaccination programs were started. Turkey’s success in this field has been documented by the World Health Organization (“Turkey’s Vaccination Programs”, World Health Organization).

Medical Research and Education:

With the contributions of the Republic, Turkey has taken serious steps in medical research and education. Turkish doctors and researchers have been featured in international journals, making Turkey’s name known (“Medical Research in Turkey”, Cumhuriyet University).

Women’s Health and Prenatal Care:

Giving special importance to women’s health and expanding prenatal care services have significantly reduced both baby and mother losses from past to present (“Women’s Health Indicators”, Turkish Statistical Institute).

Denge Med and the Power of the Republic

As Denge Med, we combine these values provided by the Republic with modern health services and offer them to you. The revolutionary innovations in the health sector inspire us in our work.

Value Your Health!

In this 100th year, take steps to pay more attention to your health. Take precautions by getting regular check-ups. Do not postpone your health for a quality and happy life.