It is a member of serine protease group of enzymes. It is released from immune mast cells which ARE found in secretory granules. It increases in inflamatory condutions triggered with allergic reactions. Like histamine, it shows that there is a response of the body against severe allergic reactions.
Interpretation:If tyrptase enzyme is high, anaphlaxia,asthma,urticaria,allergic rhinitis may be diagnosed. The severity of the clinical case is diagnosed according to the duration of the enzme in blood because its elevations will be high for 4-6 hours and drops to normal levels in 12-14 hours as the symptoms diminish. If the allergic reaction is severe the high (Above 20 micrograms/L)blood level keeps its presence for longer periods.
Sample: Arm vein plasma(EDTA), Nonfasting
Working day: Friday
Result Time: Same day 6 PM.