SS-B Antibodies(Anti La)

SS-A and SS-B antibodies are nuclear antibodies (Anti Nuclear Antibodies) in patients with Rheumatic Disease. SS-B is an extractable nuclear antigen (ENA). It is the most common antibody in Systemic Lupus Erythromatosis (SLE) parients and also seen in patients with Sjorgen’s Syndrome. SLE is a systemic autoimmune disease in which antibodies cause tissue damage through multiple mechanisms.
Interpretation: Similar to SS-A antibodies, SS-B Antibodies are also positive in different high ratios in both SLE and Sjorgen’s Syndrome patients. The symptoms are similar to that of all connective tissue diseases, the primary targets being the salivary glands and glands producing tears. But, it may also attack throid, joints, liver, nerves, kidneys, lungs and skin. The complications may effect dental cavities, lungs and kidneys, vision functions, lymph nodes and nerves.
Sample: Arm Vein Blood. Nonfasting
Working day: Tuesday, Friday
Result Time: 4 days 6:00 PM