Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)

SHBG is a protein made by the liver to bind to Dihidrptestosterone (DHT), estrogens and testosterone hormones. SHBG carries these hormones in blood and controls the amounts of testosterone that the body can use. Too little or too much testosterone in women is harmfull for her body.
Interpretation: If the levels of SHBG is high, this means that the protein binds too much testosterone so less hormone is available actively to exert its necessary effects in tissues. This is also a shortage of active testosterone in the body. Low SHBG values mean that, the protein is not attaching testosterone to carry it to the tissues. This situation is associated with high levels of Low density lipoprotein leading to multiple cardiovascular diseases and elevated triglyceride levels. In women it is used to polycystic ovarian syndrome, idiopatic hirsutism, menstruel disorders follow up. Bioavailibity of free (active) testosterone is an indicator of testosterone’s functions on the target tissues and SHBG determinations are useful diagnostics of functions related to testosterone.
Sample: Arm vein blood. Nonfasting
Working day: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Result Time: Next day 6:00 PM