Protein S Antigen

Protein S is a test usually ordered with Protein C. They work together with Vitamin K to prevent too much blood clotting. If we do not have adequate Protein C and S blood may clot excessively. It is a rare genetic disorder characterized by the Protein C and S antigens responsible for the regulation of the activities of Factor VIIIa and Factor Va in the coagulation cascade steps. These are the factors that activate Factor X and Prothrombin.Protein S acts as a cofactor for Protein C thus if S is absent C cannot function.
Interpretation: If there is Protein C and S deficiency, too much clotting may occur especially in leg veins (deep vein thrombosis). Although very rare, if this is congenital (at birth) it may cause widespread small clots in the body. Elevated leves are usually not associated with medical problems. It is usually elevated in hepatic insulin resistance, in patients with diabetes, hypertriglyceridemia and nephrotic syndrome, oral contraceptives and alcohol.
Sample: Arm vein plasma (CITRATE).Nonfasting
Working day: Friday
Result Time: Next day 6:00 PM