Protein S Activity

Protein C and S antigens are activated in the presence of endothelial cell cofactor (thrombomodulin) to form the active enzymes Protein C and S. Activated enzymes act as anticoagulants by proteolytically inactivating activated coagulation factors Va and VIIIa. Thus, Activated Protein C and S increase fibrinolysis by inactivating Plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI – 1). Measuring the activity differs from the test, in which the amount of protein is measured, which indicates a synthesis problem and hereditary protein deficiency, in this test the functional ability of proteins while they perform their functions.
Interpretation:Measurement of protein C and S activities indicates the adequacy of coagulation functions. High levels are not usually associated with medical problems, but low activity levels can cause excessive or inappropriate blood clotting.
Sample: Venous plasma (CITRAT) taken from the arm. It does not require hunger.
Working day: Friday
Result Time: Same day 18:00