Parvovirus B -19 IgM

Also called as Primate Erythroparvovirus 1, is a virus causing childhood rash (fifth disease) or erytema infectiosum. It is an infection, spread through respiratory droplets. Any age may be effected, but it is most common in children at 6-10 years of age. The incubation periopd is 4-14 days. Appears with high fever. In fact, it is the cause of chronic anemia. There is no approved vaccine against the virus.
Interpretation:Parvovirus is usually diagnosed through a blood test for antibodies to the virus. It shows the immunity against the virus. Ig M type of antibodies usually appear in 2-3 days of infection and stays in the blood for up to 6 months. After IgM antibodies appear, IgG antibodies also appear in a few days after IgMs. Ig G Antibodies provide a life time immunity against the virus.
Sample: Arm vein blood. Nonfasting
Working day: Tuesday
Result Time: Next day 6:00 PM