PAP Smear

It is a screening test for cervical cancer. Cervix is the opening of the uterus. From 25 to 64 ages, servical screening is recomendable(American Cancer Society)..Before 25 of age, changes in the cervix are quite common and mostly return to normal and less likely to develop cancer. Therefore screening tests may lead them for unnecessary treatment. However, Human Papilloma Virus is a cancerous virus mostly caused by the sexually transmitted infection with the virus. HPV may cause cancer especially if not vaccinated for HPV, it also spreads through skin to skin contact and having more sexual partners. Around 8 out of 10 people are infected with HPV but not all but there are spesific types of HPV that may cause cancer (About 13 types around hundreds of types). Therefore, if HPV infection is suspected, it is better to have a HPV Type analysis. Sometimes, one of the high-risk types of HPV are not cleared and stay in the body and in time, it may change DNA in body’s normal cells causing them to behave differently like a cancer cell. HPV infecion may also cause infections in mouth and throat causing cancers. Cervical screening reduces the risk of cervical cancer by detecting HPV infection in early stages.
Interpretation:If the woman is between 25 and 65 and have not had abnormal PAP Smear test, the doctor may recommend another test after 5 years but the most appropriate years are; 21-29: Every 3 years, 30-65: Every 5 years and HPV test every 3 years 65 older, no longer tests, if otherwise is not recommended by the doctor. There are two results: Normal or abnormal. If the results are abnormal, this doesn’t mean that there is cancer. These cell abnormalities may also be atypia, mild, severe dysplasia or carcinoma in situ. The doctor then, may increase the frequency of the smear test or gets closer to the pathology to inspect the case.
Sample: Cervical swab or Liquid based cytology (making a suspension of cells from the sample to produce a thin layer of cells on the slide)-Depends on the doctors preference.
Working day: Everyday
Result Time: 3 days 6:00PM