Neisseria Gonorrhea

Neisseria Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease known as Gonorrhea. If not treated, the infection causes severe reproductive and other health problems. The test is performed either with PCR method or culture method, from the swab obtained from the infected area.
Interpretation: toms may be, vaginal bleeding with sexual intercause, painful urination, rectal itching and painful bowel movements with fecal blood and tonsilitis like throat. The symptoms may appear 2-10 days after sexual intercause. If not treated, it may cause Pelvic Inflamatory Dİsease(PID), and Ectopic Pregnancy . If a woman has the infection during pregnancy, it can be transmitted to the baby at birth. In men, complications like prostatitis, epididiymitis and inflammation of testicles may occur. The infection also spreads by bloodstream causing arthritis of the joints.
Sample: Swab from the infection.
Working day: Everyday
Result Time: 2 days 6:00 PM