Melatonine is a circadien released hormone produced at night (10 fold high than the day) by the pineal gland. Once produced, it is secreted into the bloodstream and cerebrospinal fluid (the fluid around the brain and the spinal chord) and conveys signals to the target organs. Other than daily circadian rhythm, melatonin has also seasonal (circannual) rhythm with higher levels in autumn and winter when nights are longer. It is also essential for seasonal biology (reproduction, behaviour etc). Although its biological, is not clear, it is considered to be regulating the circadian metabolisms all over the body.
Interpretation: High melatonin might be due to melatonin intake causing drowsiness and reduced body temperature . High doses may also influence fertility. Low melatonin does not affect on health
Sample: Arm vein plasma(EDTA). Nonfasting
Working day: Tuesday
Result Time: Consult the laboratory