It is a peptide hormone that regulates food intake, body mass and reproductive functions. It plays a role in fetal growth, proinflamatory immune responses, angiogenesis and lipolysis. It is an obese gene product, synthesized and secreted by adipose cells (fat cells). As soon as it is synthesized and released in blood stream, it signals hipotalamus to decrease satiety, over consumption of food and increased total body mass.
Interpretation: The fat cells use leptin to tell the brain, how much fat they carry. High levels of leptin tell the brain that there is too much fat in the body, while low levels tell the brain that a person needs to eat. Too much blood leptin will develop leptin resistance and leptin will not be recognisable by the brain and weight gain increases although the exact cause of leptin resistance is not known.
Sample: Arm vein blood. Fasting
Working day: Wednesday
Result Time: 7 days 6:00 PM