Homovanilic Acid (HVA)

It is a major catecholamine metabolite by the enzymatic metabolism of dopamine, a neuromediator in the brain. In psychiatry and neuroscience, brain and Spinal fluid levels of HVA give information about the metabolic stress caused by 2-deoxy-D-Glucose and supports the diagnosis of neuroblastoma and malignant pheochromacytoma.
Interpretation: Fasting levels of HVA are higher in females than in males. Elevated HVA levels may be because of essential hypertension, intense anxiety, intense physical exercise, some drug interactions, HVA and VMA (Vanylmandelic acid) measurements together are used for screening children with catecholamine secreting tumors such as neuroblastoma, pheochromocytoma and other neuronal tumors.
Sample: CSF(Cerebrospinal fluid)
Working day: Tuesday in every 15 days
Result Time: 3 days 6:00 PM