Gamma Glutamyl Transferase (GGT)

GGT is an enzyme found throughout the body but mostly in the liver and bile ducts. When the liver cells are damaged, GGT may lead into blood stream. It is generally used to diagnose hepatobiliary diseases .Its function is to work with glutathione in the pro-oxidant and detoxifying functions of the cells ( gamma glutamyl cycle). It functions in drug,alcohol and xenobiotic detoxification and some cell signal transfers.
Interpretation: As GGT works in the process of detoxification, it increases in many types of liver damage including drugs and alcohol detoxification. Increases rapidly as the liver cells are damaged. In condutions like inflamatory bowel disease, ,stomach cancer, increases are also observed. It also increases in the obstructive liver disease. Although it has many functions and high levels are detected in different organ pathologies, it is mostly used as a detoxification process of the hepatobiliary tract.
Sample: Arm vein blood. Nonfasting
Working day: Everyday
Result Time: Same day 4 hours.