Fungal analysis of skin swabs

Fungus is an infectious skin disease. It can cause itching, redness and inflammation of the skin and can spread. It can even be transmitted from person to person through objects.
Athlete’s foot (tinea pedis), a type of fungus, can manifest itself with itching of the toes (especially the toes 4 and 5), thickening of the skin, cracks and inflammation. It is usually transmitted from areas such as pools and causes even more persistent infections when the foot stays in closed shoes for a long time. It can develop into pompholyx, a type of eczema.
Another type of fungus that is more common in men is inguinal fungus (tinea cruris).In some cases it can spread to the genitals.
Vaginal fungus is a very common infection in women. It is known as candida and can spread rapidly in the genital area.
The fungus called tinea corporis can be anywhere on the body and can appear as circular areas. As inflammation, spots and redness, it can be seen on the chest, back, waist and arm areas.
Tinea capitis, a hair fungus, affects the scalp and therefore the hair. Hair loss, inflammation, inflammation, rash and itching may occur. It occurs mostly in children and is one of the most contagious school infections.
Interpretation:The fungus is localized in extremely humid and hot areas. Because it is contagious, it is seen in such environments when towels are used, tight clothing, excessive sweating, contact with infected animals and when hygiene rules are not observed. Fungus is less likely to grow in sunny and dry conditions. The sample scraped from the fungal area onto a slide is examined under a microscope. A discharge sample can also be examined for vaginal fungus. After diagnosis, the doctor will start appropriate antifungal medication.
Sample: Skin scraping or discharge sample from the fungal area
Working day: Every day
Result Time: Next day at 18:00