Food Intolerance Test

It is an acquired or inherited difficulty in digesting certain foods. The body with any reason, including infections, stress and some other physiological condutions may have bloating and tummy pain, anxiety, insomnia, especially occuring in a few hours after eating the food. These are different than the symptoms of food allergy of which the symptoms ocur immediately with histamine release followed by skin redness, itching, etc. The symptoms of food intolerance are not as wild as allergy but occuring slowly and increasing as that food is ingested continually. People mostly go to doctors for these symptoms, but none of the tests give any clue to the diagnosis.
Food intolerance test shows intolerance to a number of foods indicating the degree of the intolerance.
Interpretation:If the test result indicates intolerance to the listed foods and if the degree of intolerance is high, the dietician replaces the kind of food to other nutrients and regulates the intake of those foods according to the reported intolerance degrees. Soon after the elimination period of that component from the body, the complaints dissapear.
Sample: Finger blood. Nonfasting
Working day: 15 days(Consult the laboratory)
Result Time: Everyday(Consult the laboratory)