Feces Microscobic Analysis

It is a diagnostic test for identification of parasitic organisms including protozoa and helminths. Fecal leucocytes are also examined. Occult blood, fat, sugars (reducing substances), pH, Pancreatic enzymes, Alpha 1 Antitrypsin, Calprotectin and bacterias may also be examined. These will very quickly give the clinician information on the patients state of the disease.
Interpretation:If the stool results are negative, no germs were found and the patient does not have an infection. A positive result of any germ, virus or other type of bacteria , should be treated. An ova or a parasite exam will indicate the infections they cause in the digestive system. If pinwarms are suspected, a clear tape around the anus will be the necessary testing. The eggs of the pinworm will stick to the tape and will be seen under the microscope.
Sample: Stool or feces
Working day: Everyday
Result Time: 2 hours