Feces Enteamoeba Histolycia

Amoebiasis is the common infection of the human gastrointestinal tract caused by the parasite Enteamoeba Histolycia. It may present itself as diarrhea or dysanteria with frequently bloody stool. In the chronic condution fatique, weight loss may follow the symptoms. The involved organs are liver, pleuropulmonary, peritoneal, renal, cardiac, cerebral and cutaneous sites.The incubation period is 2-4 weeks . Microscopic identification of cysts and trophozoites in the stool is the common method for diagnosis.
Interpretation: The symptoms of the presence of Enteamoeba Histolycia will be fulminant necrotising cholitis, toxic megacolon or ectovaginal fistula, intraperitoneal, intrathoragic, intrapericardial rupture, formation of brain abcess, gastrointestinal bleeding,
Sample: Stool
Working day: Everyday
Result Time: Same day 6:00 PM