Coagulation Time (PZ, PTZ)

This test, also referred to as PTZ (prothrombin time) with its new terminology, is requested to determine whether the patient has a problem with bleeding and coagulation. aPTT is a revision of the method performed by activation by means of Heparin to obtain faster results under laboratory conditions. When PTZ test was not automised and no kits produced, it had been a simple method of investigating clotting time in the laboratory.
Interpretation:When bleeding starts after any injury, cells called platelets cluster in that area and form a plug. A protein called fibrinogen is synthesised by the coagulation system activated by these cells and bleeding stops. The moment when this protein, is synhesized is the clotting time of the blood.
Sample: Blood taken from a finger with a Lancet tip.
Working day: Everyday
Result Time: 15 minutes