Bleeding Time (KZ)

This test, also referred to as PTT (prothrombin time) with its new terminology. It is medically designed to determine whether the patient has a problem with bleeding and coagulation to diagnose haemophilia or to provide the surgeon with this information for a safe surgery. aPTT is a revision of the method in wjhich the clotting cascade is activated by using Heparin to obtain faster and accurate results under laboratory conditions. Bleeding time is a primitive but decision supporting method when there were not any laboratory tests yet designed for automated analysis for prothrombin time and activated prothrombin time tests.
Interpretation:It is the monitoring of bleeding time with a stopwatch by piercing the fingertip to observe the exact time when the bleeding has stopped (meaning that the formation of fibrin has stopped bleeding), blood is absorbed on an absorbent paper without touching the wound site and the stopping time of the blood at the fingertip is recorded.
Sample: Blood obtained from a finger with a Lancet tip. The patient must be in the laboratory for this procedure.
Working day: Everyday
Result Time: 15 minutes