Antimitochondrial Antibody M2

AMA is an autoimmune response against the body’s own cells, tissues and organs. They act towards the mitochondria (the energy creating organelle of the cell) of the target cell. AMA is the serum hallmark of Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC), a chronic cholestatic liver disease. AMA M2 is spesific to PBC but it may also be found in patients with autoimmune hepatitis (AIH).
Interpretation: If the AMA result is positive, this means that the patient is suffering from PBC. However, rarely, AMA positive patients may still be a PBC patient and have negative resul or an AMA positive patient may not have PBC. This may indicate that another liver disease may progress to a PBC. AMA M2 test and AMA should be well differentiated because of their cases progress differently as their treatment protocols.
Sample: Arm vein blood. Nonfasting
Working day: Everyday
Result Time: Next day 6:00 PM