Antiglobulin test

Coombs test is used to detect antibodies that act against the surface of red blood cells. The presence of these antibodies, indicates hemolytic anemia, in which blood red cells are destroyed by the present antibodies. This is autoimmune hemolytic anemia, in which red blood cell count is low (Chronic lympocytic leukemia). This disease in newborns is called erythroblastosis fetalis (hemolytic disease of the newborn). Direct coombs test positive means that the body has antibodies to fight against its red blood cells. Direct coombs test is done on a sample of red blood cells from the body. A positive result for indirect coombs test, means that the mother’s blood has antibodies against fetal red blood cells. This test is done in the serum of the Rh (-) mother to see whether there are antibodies against Rh (+) fetus .
Interpretation:Direct cooms and indirect coombs tests should be negative, in normal condutions. Positive results mean that there are antibodies against the red blood cells.
Sample: Arm vein blood /EDTA) for direct coombs test. Nonfasting Arm Vein blood for indirect coombs test. Nonfasting
Working day: Everyday
Result Time: Same day 6:00 PM