Anti HBs

Hepatitis B is the most dangerous type of Hepatitis Viruses. HBs is the surface antigen of the Hepatitis B Virus. It is a bloodborne disease. It is spread when blood, semen or other body fluids from an infected person enters the other’s blood stream. It is a vaccine preventable liver infection. Chronic Hepatitis B may develop into liver damage, liver failure, liver cancer and even death. Hepatitis B carriers are those who have Hepatitis B Virus in their blood, but don’t feel sick. One can see this, if his blood contains Antibodies to the Virus (ANTİ HBs) and still his Hepatitis B Surface antigene is positive. The inactive HBsAg carrier state is diagnosed by the absence of HBeAg and the presence of Anti HBe. People in close relations to a carrier, should be vaccinated and followed up for positive Anti HBs tests.
Interpretation: The existing Antibody type is the information about the phase of the infection. In normal condutions none of the antigens or the antibodies are expected in blood, unless the person is vaccinated against Hepatitis types. Vaccination results in the presence of IgG types of antibodies in one’s blood to protect him against possible Hepatitis infections.
Sample: Arm vein blood.Nonfasting
Working day: Everyday
Result Time: Next Day at 6:00 PM