Anti HBc IgG

HBc is the core antigen of Hepatitis B virus. When a person is infected, body’s first response to the infection is HBc antibodies and the first being HBc IgM followed by HBc IgG. A positive total HBc antibody indicates that the person has eliminated the virus and now is immune to Hepatitis B or he is in the recovery phase (Negative HBs antigen with either positive or negative antibodies to Hepatitis B surface-Anti HBs-antigens). Therefore, HBc (Core) antibodies are useful in differentiating the past and present HBs infection.
Interpretation:The existing Antibody type is the information about the phase of the infection. In normal condutions, none of the antigens or the antibodies are expected in blood unless the person is vaccinated against Hepatitis types. Vaccination results in the presence of IgG types of antibodies in one’s blood to protect him against possible Hepatitis infections.
Sample: Arm vein blood.Nonfasting
Working day: Everyday
Result Time: Next Day at 6:00 PM