Anti HAV Total

Hepatitis A is a kind of Hepatitis caused by A type of Hepatitis virus family. It contaminates humans via oral and fecal ways. In the early days of infection, Ig M and then IgG types of antibodies increase to fight the virus. Ig G antibodies remain positive for years. IgM becomes active just after 15-20 days of infection. In 3 -4 months, it becomes negative and IgG takes its place to protect the body for possible other HAV infections. Hepatitis A does not cause chronic infection. Total HAV antibody is the resultant sum of the two where IgM shows acute period of the infection.
Interpretation:The existing Antibody type is the information about the phase of the infection. In normal condutions, none of the antigens or the antibodies are expected in blood unless the person is vaccinated against hepatitis types. Vaccination results in the presence of IgG types of antibodies in one’s blood to protect him against possible hepatitis infections.
Sample: Arm vein blood.Nonfasting
Working day: Everyday
Result Time: Next Day at 6:00 PM