Active Protein C Resistence :

It is the elevated resistance to the anticoagulant effect against human Active Protein C, which is a major risk factor of thrombosis. Thus, as anticoagulant is working to enhance the thrombus damage, Activated Protein C inhibits this action leading to the risk of blocking the blood flow in the arteries. Test is a coagulation test performed in the absence of Activated Protein C. Protein C is anticoagulation factor named Autoprothrombin IIA. When it is needed to prevent excessive bleeding , it maintains the permeability of blood vessels to keep their integrity.
Interpretation: Normal Protein C and Protein S do not cause medical problems If the levels of. Active Protein C Resistence is high, it means that there is resistence to the anticoagulant effect of human Active Protein C. Therefore, there is increased risk of thromboembolism. Low levels are not mentionable.
Sample: Arm vein plasma(Citrate). Nonfasting
Working day: Friday
Result Time: Next Day 6:00 Pi