Microbiology is the science and the Laboratory branch that identifies the microorganisms like virus, bacteria, mould, and yeast nd protozoa that are responsible of the related medical problems. The sample from the infected lesion or body fluid is used to grow the microorganism under in vitro condutions (laboratory condutions) by imitating the in vivo condutions (body condutions). This process is called the culture procedure. This culturing process is sometimes followed by the test which identifies the agents to kill that microorganism and enlightens the clinician about the medical agents that he might choose for his treatment.

Microbiology is the branch that mostly helps Infectious Diseases and Intania Medicine.

The main groups of microbiologic tests are;

  • Bacterial Identification Tests performed with Special Dyes
  • Microorganism growth tests by using special mediums under the laboratory condutions
  • Tests by various chemical reactants to create reactions related to the metabolism of the microorganism.