Ecocardiography is an ultrasonic technique based diagnostic test to examine the inner structure and physiologic functioning of the hearth. The images are obtained by a transducer which makes it possible to see the image in different views.

An ecocardiograpy is performed in order to;

  • To assess the heart rhythm to diagnose the reasons of the  enlargening of the heart, unexplained chest pain, shortness of breath or irregular heartbeat and murmurs,
  • To measure the shapes and dimensions of the cavities of heart,
  • To measure the  thickness and movements of heart walls,
  • To assess the shapes and functions of the  heart walves,
  • To assess the functions of the artificial heart  walves,
  • To examine the hart functions,
  • To diagnose the cardiomyopathies and diseases affecting the heart muscles,
  • To assess  the thrombus and tumors in the heart
  • To check  the congenital heart diseases or the results of the surgical treatments done for the treatment of these diseases,
  • To assess the cardiac functions after a heart attack,
  • To asses the pericardial membrane structıure and thickness after a pericardial fluid accumulation,
  • To assess the diameter and structures of the pulmonary arteries.