Laboratory Tests To Investıgate The Reason For Unaccuntable Fatıgue And Slugıshness (A Frequently Heard Complaınt)

If one feels fatigue and unaccountable slugishness especially in winter and the months of early spring, some tests may help to investigate whether there is an unknown health problem related to one’s metabolism or if there is a depletion of a certain supplement that body needs. Other than daily stress or depression, one may feel symptoms like headcaches, joint or muscle pain and chronic fatigue. These signals may also be due to a vitamin or mineral depletion, a virutic or bacterial infection , a liver damage, any metabolic problem or cancer which might not have been diagnosed yet.

The tests listed below which may be done before consulting a doctor.

Sedimentation: If there is any metabolic problem as excessive accumulation or excretion of any component in the blood, sedimentation rate increases. This increase may be due to any disaease like rheumatism,cancer, outoimmune diseases, thyroid diseases,polymyalgia (dysfunction of a group of muscles).

Cell Blood Count (Whole Blood Count): This test shows an increase or decrease and the distributions of the cells which are responsible of oxygen transport, clotting and immune defense of the body.

Glucose (Fasting Blood Glucose): Shows any problem related to Diabetes and energy consumption mechanism of the body.

HBA1c: Since fasting blood glucose value varies with any factors like daily nutrition, stress, exercise , any drug consumption or any disease, HBA1c test shows the average blood glucose of approximately 6 months.

Urea, Creatinine, Glomerular Filtration Rate: These tests give information of impaired kidney functions.

Total protein, Albumin, Globulin, Total Bilirubin, Alkaline Phosphatase, ALT, AST: These tests are liver function tests . Liver is the main source of many metabolic pathways and energy production of the body.

CK(Creatine Kinase):Gives a general information about muscle functions of the body.

TSH, T3, T4: Show the problems caused by impaired thyroid functions.

Iron(Fe), Iron Binding Capacity,Vit B12: Impaired oxygen transport to tissues

Vit D: Fatigue feeling due to bone and muscle pain and impairment in immune system capacity.

Magnesium(Mg): A mineral component of many metabolic reactions including ATP the energy supplying molecule of the body.

Calcium(Ca): The mediator of many metabolic transport systems of the body. Reduced blood levels cause slowing down of metabolic activities of various organs inluding muscles.

Whole Urine alaysis: Gives information about elimination of all metabolic waste , water balance, ion balance and acid-base balance of the body. Urine microscopic examination also gives information about kidney and bladder problems