Managing Director

As a member of the medical community, we must keep our scientific knowledge up to date by following the clinical and laboratory innovations, uncovering new hypothesis on health, validating these hypotheses through research, sharing statistically significant findings with the scientific world and training new scientists and medical students. Moreover, we need to ensure our laboratory operates up to global standards day to day.

Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pathology, Genetics, Pharmacology and Radiology (the key pillars of Clinical Pathology and the fundamental fields of medical sciences and clinics) present information to the clinicians to enable them monitor their treatment. These branches must be supported technically (by physics, chemistry and biology disciplines), as well as financially, to conduct research that could improve the diagnostics, and to open up new horizons for the treatment of a particular clinical situation, making it more effective and prompt.

During my years at the University, I published research in international and local publications, aspiring to scientifically contribute to the subjects I had been working on. That experience enabled me to set up our laboratory in a way to give earlier and trusted results that are up to global standards, contributing to the early diagnosis and treatment for our patients.

I used my own effort and budget to improve upon early diagnostic support, without leaning on the institutions where research budgets need to be reviewed and ranked according to the general clinical demand.

As I carried on making progress towards the uncompromisable goal of perfect clinical service, I realised that here was another aspect I needed to elevate: the high-quality operational standards for the laboratory. In fact, this was the most difficult one. When health service is delivered with financial means, the ethics must become the highest priority subject of the whole operation. When we united the patient rights and the clinical perfection, Denge Medical Laboratories and Imaging Center was shaped into what it is today, and we have been proudly serving the habitants in Ankara for 30 years.

We are grateful for our staff who contribute to our principles selflessly, for our doctors who supported us with their trust and for our dearest patients who have always been with us during all these years.

With all my regards and wishes for a healthy life for all of us

Assoc. Prof. Selvin Aydin