Blood Pregnancy Test (bHCG)

Pregnancy tests can be performed both in blood or in urine.The main principle of both tests are, detecting hbHCG (Human Beta Chorionic Gonadothropine) hormone, which shows up in the blood of pregnant women, after the fertilized egg is planted on the uterus wall.

Urine pregnancy test: bhCG hormone is detected in the blood of pregnant woman as early as 6-10 days after the implantation of the fertilized egg but its presence in urine needs a longer time because bHCG reaches the bladder as the blood is filtered through the kidneys. This period will probably be approximately 10-12 days depending on the sensitiviy of the test material. To avoid false negative results, the tst should be repeated in 1-2 weeks after the expected menstrual bleeding.

Blood Pregnancy Test: The hormone can be detected in the blood 6-10 days after the implantation of the fertilized egg .This will be the ovulatuary phase of the menstrual cycle.

Today, In Vitro Fertilization techniques are increasing pregnancy rates and the pregnancy tests should be done on the day which is reccomended by the doctor. This is usually on 7-10 days after the transfer, but the test should be repeated in 2-7 days because bHCG is expected to increase by 2 folds each 72 hours in healthy pregnancies.

As the pregnancy is confirmed the bHCG hormone starts tor ise to its peak until the end of the first trimester and drops to lowest levels towards the end of the pregnancy.


3 rd week 60-70
4 th week 10-750
5th week 200-7100
6 th week 160-32000
7 th week 3700-160000
8 th week 32000-150000 1stTRIMESTER
9 th week 64000-150000
10 th week 47000-190000
12 th week 28000-210000
14 th week 14000-63000
15 th week 12000-71000
16 th week 9000-56000
16-29 weeks 1400-53000 2ndTRIMESTER
29-41 weeks 940-60000  3rdTRIMESTER

Sample: Arm vein blood. Nonfasting

Working day: Everyday

Result Time: 2 hours